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“Elwin Robinson is a shining star in the health and raw food movement. He is an expert on a wide variety of subjects, from health and nutrition to Taoist principles , and from creating healing and tonic herbs, to improving every area of your life.”

Philip McCluskey -
“Wow Elwin! You are brilliant at what you are doing! It’s awesome to see that your illness happened so that you could be where you are today by helping others!”
 Anna Victoria Rodgers - Author of Miss Eco Glam's Guide to Health, Beauty and Conscious Living

“Elwin, its very difficult for me to express in a few words how good your videos are. After watching them a few times I got the basics of Taoist Herbal Tonics, their main ingredients and the organ systems. I now know what I need to focus on and why…they’re excellent and thanks again.”                                                Mehmet Varol

“You are one of life’s great beings – and you are really helping people to heal – keep up the great work.”

 Dean Rees Evans


"Thank you for all of the wonderful info found here and in your many interviews.  Recently you sent out a link to a printed version of your breathing exercises. I saw the video and it was lovely, but the printed version was amazing, thank you.”                                                                                                                  Diane

“I signed up for your downloads a few weeks ago (referred by Shazzie). I’ve found the interviews very enlightening – many thanks. Thought I was fairly well informed on health matters and superfoods but you do a great job putting together the whole picture in a very practical and sincere way – well done. I feel much better informed now. It’s a really good idea to make this information available via downloads – I have been listening to them in my car on the way to work which I find ideal. Many thanks for all this material.” 


“First off, I am so grateful that you are providing such high quality information! It is fantastic! I am so impressed! I absolutely love your interviews, I really think that you have got onto something really key that no one has touched upon. Really amazing work Elwin, and I sincerely hope you get to work with a lot of people on this because I think your information and knowledge is really fantastic and so helpful. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom!”


“Well done Elwin, your dedication to this cause is plainly obvious and the hope you convey is truly contagious. I hope you continue to find ways in which us sufferers can improve our various conditions which conventional medicine simply cannot match. Keep up the good work.”   


LOVED LOVED LOVED the Elwin Robinson talk today for the first time in my life food, energy , being and my life in general seems not to be disjointed and confused anymore.. in fact it is simmering gently in a soup of sense… ♥” 

 Angel Curl

 “Elwin Robinson is a fount of wisdom who really knows his stuff. Thanks for sharing so much valuable info. You are a star!”

 Kelly Devlin